Pooch in Pampers and Other Problems

Photo by Nathan deGargoyle

Photo by Nathan deGargoyle

Dear Commenter,

We got a puppy about a year ago, but despite our best efforts she continues to pee and poop in the house! We’ve tried every trick in the book and have gotten so desperate we’ve even started making her wear baby diapers. She just seems determined to go on the floor. We don’t want to get rid of her, but our carpets just can take anymore. Help!

–Potty Problems


Dear Commenter,

My son goes to a private middle school that we pay a lot of money for. He has a lot of friends and is getting a quality education, but lately he’s been getting into a lot of fights. The most recent fight ended with his expulsion from the school, and they refuse to return my tuition money. What should I do? Should I send him back to the school anyway? Should I get a lawyer and demand my money back? I appreciate any advice.

-Victimized Vigilante


Dear Commenter,

My youngest son, “Jack,” was part of the planning committee for his 6th grade school carnival. One of the activities planned by the adults involved bouncing a ball into a small fish tank in order to win that fish. I knew he was against the game and tried to fight it, but I didn’t expect it to go any farther. Jack and his friends decided that they were going to “save” the fish and somehow managed to sneak them all into my home office, where I found them today. I’m at a loss. On one hand I want to be proud of him for standing up for what he believes in, on the other hand, I have three dollars worth of 10 cent fish clogging up my home office. What’s the best way to handle the situation without disregarding his feelings?

-Swimming in a Sea of Trouble


Dear Commenter,

My three year old son, “Trevor,” loves goldfish crackers so I always make sure to pack some for when I take him to daycare. The past couple days he’s come home crying, saying that an older kid keeps taking them from him. Now, we brought this up to the child care provider and she claims she hasn’t seen it, and instead told us that Trevor has had a lot of time outs lately for calling other kids “burglars.” We don’t really want to switch to another daycare but we aren’t sure how else to handle the situation. I don’t think Trevor would lie about the crackers, and the word “burglar” is a fitting word to describe what he’s claiming is happening. Any suggestions on how to solve our dilemma?

-Women with a Cracker Crisis



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